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Listen to the nusongs project on the October, November and December 2010 'Lummy Days' podcasts hosted by Fatty Fudge and presented by Stackridge, one of England's most quintessential and eclectic bands:


Don't forget to look out for us appearing on further podcasts in the future.


Welcome to nusongsnusounds.co.uk 

We are >>  the nusongs project  >>

We are a group of English songwriters and musicians who write and record songs and music in a large variety of styles.  We are influenced by many different types of music and diverse artists but refuse to be pigeon-holed into any category ourselves.  If you're interested in rock, folk, jazz-funk, pop or progressive, we have a number of songs in each genre.  Name a style - we probably write in it.

On the downloads page you will find a wide selection of our compositions.

By clicking a link to a song title you will be able to download and keep the full song.  All you need for playback is a program that will play mp3 files.  Media Player, iTunes and Winamp are all suitable and can be downloaded free of charge.  

The versions of the songs are own recordings.  We also have alternative versions of some of our songs in the pipeline.  Some of these are already on the site and others will appear on our site in the future.  

Remember:  all our mp3 files are downloadable free of charge.

Have a listen to a selection of our music using the SoundCloud players below.  You can download the tracks directly from the player or just click on our downloads link for a more comprhensive selection of our music.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Be With Me This Christmastime by >>the nusongs project>>

Space by >>the nusongs project>>

Blame Yourself by >>the nusongs project>>

Standing At The Edge Of The Abyss by >>the nusongs project>>

Falling Man by >>the nusongs project>>